About PHAU

  • HEDI Details
  • The Horn of Africa Education Development Institute (HEDI) is founding in 2019 by university scholars and researchers coincided with a growing nationalism investment in the education sector throughout Horn of Africa region. Since that time, HEDI has been a vital force in bridging research, policy, and practice in the following ways:
  • Pioneer in creative and culturally sensitive use of technology for learning
  • Forerunner in youth and workforce development with learners of all ages around the world especially Africa and in particularly Horn of Africa region
  • Regionally, recognized expert in math and science education
  • Major researcher and innovator in early childhood education, engaging thousands of policymakers, professionals, and parents
  • Innovator in applying research to foster healthy behaviors and environments and enhance health services
  • Leader of regionwide, large-scale education and reform projects in developing techways
  • Leader in developing radio instruction, now used by millions of schoolchildren and teachers in domestic regions throughout Horn of Africa
  • Developer and implementer of comprehensive improvement in education and health systems
  • Connecting of dozens of national, regional and worldwide networks and resource centers
  • The mission of the Horn of Africa Education Development Institute (HEDI) is to improve quality of life in the developing nations in particularly Horn of Africa region and beyond through world-class teaching, research and health-care delivery.
  • Our vision is to have initiated programmes in teacher education, the study of Christianity rateware, Muslim civilisations, journalism, early childhood development and public policy. In the near future, we will launch a Faculty of Arts and Sciences whose programmes will educate future leaders in a wide range of fields, and we will establish additional graduate professional schools. ​

Admissions Programme

— Undergraduate Programmes

Our undergraduate programmes will prepare you to make meaningful contributions and improve the quality of life of those around you.

You will learn to apply classroom theory and academic research to solve challenges in the developing world. For those who have a passion for making a difference, our transparent, merit-based admissions process and generous financial assistance mean that a diversity of high calibre students are able to attend HEDI.​​​

–Graduate Programmes

​If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of those that need it most, HEDI graduate programmes offer you a platform to turn your ideas into reality. Our graduate research programmes specialise i​n solving the challenges of the developing world. Our students become resilient leaders helping communities to improve their quality of life.​​​​​

–Registrar’s Office

The staff in the Registrar’s Office serves the HEDI community in all academic programmes across all nations in the Horn of Africa region and beyond.

For more details please don’t hesitate to contact us generally at hedi@haapa.org