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Despite, the Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU), domestically needs to develop Somalia Higher Education Centers in across the nation which is a matter of pride and gratification to reopen such the Social Organism Academy of FESU (SOAF) department in which is an accredited Public-Private Innovation University-like (PPIU) based in Mogadishu, Somalia.

This is a College for Humanities and civic servant initiative offers pure honorable certificate to well accredited national Universities and Colleges as well as Education institutes applied to the Global Internationalization Procedures through FESU NGO Federation: Applied bilateral local and International Social Services and Integration as Linguistics Translation and the SDGs adaptation.

The first University met and benefited the SOAF project is the Bay University which is a private higher education institute based at Southwest regional state of the Federal Republic of Somalia and was established on 5th May 2013 as a higher learning institution to foster academic excellence and nature talents. The aftermath of Somalia’s long running conflicts which lasted more than two decades have destroyed the country’s asset including education infrastructures throughout the country.

SOAF is planning to commit bilateral independent and democratic institute been professionalized to develop her counterparts in across Somalia and is a sole academic part of FESU departments. In addition to that, if you are going to apply the FESU Internationalization Procedures Integration and Harmonization Project (IPIHAP) you should lead your university financial steering group and prepare around $5,000 USD in by its first face course as its duration is all about 10yrs.!

For more details and to apply please click here the PDF version statement on Bay University IPIHAP Processes in order to be insider person for the project.

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