The 1rst HOA Conference on Academic Integrative Disaster Risk Reduction Management (HOAC-AIDRIREM)


East Africa is a home to just around one billion people (14% of the world’s population1), and as part of the Sub-Saharan African (SSA) region continues to grapple with the impacts and implications of the severe and systemic climate change problems. This caused environmental health risk in which has radically altered our way of living, working, and socializing. Africa faces the dire consequences of the climatic crisis, necessitating timely responses, recovery, and for rebuilding more robust policies and strategies with a critical focus on environmental health emergencies.

Eastern Africa, a highly disaster-prone region, grapples with severe impacts from weather events, conflicts, and hazards. 2023 witnessed devastating natural disasters – from severe floods and landslides in Rwanda to persistent drought across parts of Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, and even the landfall of Tropical Storm Cheneso in northern Madagascar. Despite advancements in country-based disaster risk reduction policies, gender inclusion remains crucially elusive. In Eastern Africa, gender-based inequalities amplify the adverse impacts of disasters especially on women, girls and people with disabilities.

For instance, a 15% decrease in rainfall led to a 5% decline in the highest grade of primary school enrollment for girls in Uganda [1]. Women’s life expectancy is disproportionately affected, and they experience higher mortality rates and increased negative mental health effects due to disasters.

The Horn of Africa Academic DRR Summit is your coax gateway to unparalleled networking opportunities with 1,300+ attendees representing 60+ countries. Connect with a global community of business educators, thought leaders, and professionals—breaking down geographical barriers to exchange ideas and create lasting connections.

The Forums, which kicked off on 19-24th of February, 2024, provides an opportunity to higher education professionals, experts and other stakeholders in Somalia and the East African Community to reflect on the place of quality assurance in nurturing emerging trends in higher education not only in the region, but the continent and beyond.

In support of the Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU), public and private higher education institutions (HEls) in Somalia are invited to participate in the 1srt HOA Conference on Integrative Disaster Risk Reduction Management (HOA-CIDRRM) with the theme “Fostering Resilience: Bridging Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Sustainable Development for Secured Future” on 19 to 24 February 2024 at GNDR Global Summit Venue. (To be released later).

Who Should Attend?

Partner higher education’s institutions, universities and corporate representatives, deans, associate/assistant deans, international and regional directors, program directors, department chairs, and faculty.

What you can expect

Expect a diverse lineup of panels, interactive sessions, and visionary keynote speakers. Gain fresh perspectives and invaluable skills that can prepare you to lead your institution or university or organization to a dynamic and impactful future. As result of that, a goodwill featured topics will be discussed!

The conference organizers will invite the Heads of National Commissions and Councils for Higher Education in Horn of Africa, Vice Chancellors, other higher education managers, quality assurance coordinators and partitioners, higher education development partners and other invited experts who will present the results of their research on various topics including transformative teaching and learning in DRR perspectives in across higher education sector.


  1. The objective of the conference is to convene various sectors and undertake knowledge sharing, discuss policy frameworks, recognize indigenous and local knowledge in disaster risk reduction and sustainable development, and develop linkages to produce a more effective disaster risk reduction strategy.

2. The objectives of the first Session of the Academic Horn of Africa Regional workshop on DRR will be: To review progress in the implementation of Sendai Framework and its Programme of Action in Africa, according to priorities identified in the outcome of the last Regional Platform and the High-Level meeting on DRR (Tunis and Nairobi Declaration) and in the Africa Common Position to the 2019 Global Platform for DRR.

3. To discuss and agree on the revised implementation matrix for the Programme of Action for the implementation of the Sendai Framework in Africa for the second phase, 2021-2025.

T4. To discuss and agree on recommendations to accelerate the implementation of the Sendai Framework in the continent.

5. To mark Intl. Disaster Risk Reduction Academic lecture with a panel discussion and exhibition, promoting a resilient future.

Expected Outcome

A Regional Commission for DRR in Higher Education Perspective (CODHEP).

Documented good practices and knowledge on disaster risk-informed policies, programmes and investments are shared, with a focus on lessons learned from the regional and international higher education institutions and intergovernmental organizations including UNESCO, UNDRR and recovery measures.

Kindly be advised that participation in the activity should pay $500 USD just for the conference registration, the workshop, the visa and the hotel bookings with proper permission issued by your institution and should not disrupt the regular operations and services of your respective offices and/or incur irregular costs against the institution.

For more information, interested participants may directly communicate with Prof. Isaac Peria of HEDI, the Conference Chairman, via any of the following email addresses; and or at WhatsApp mobile number +254 758400296.

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