FESU Members Attended the IAU Zooming Webinar for the Knowledge Diplomacy in a Changing World!

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Paris, France: IAU Webinar Series: Knowledge Diplomacy in a Changing World // October 24th, 2023. In times of geopolitical, social and economic upheaval, dialogue and collaborative aspects of public diplomacy are crucial. In the past, science and cultural diplomacy were seen as an important contribution of universities. More recently, the focus has shifted to knowledge diplomacy, emphasising education, research and innovation. In this vein, the development of relationships with diverse groups outside of the university sector and the use of collective resources to address needs has become increasingly important.

This webinar, jointly presented by the International Association of Universities (IAU) and the Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE) at University College Dublin (UCD), will investigate how universities are, or should be, part of public diplomacy and in what ways knowledge diplomacy has a role to play.

The Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU), created under the auspices of her member Universities interest after the UN staff and agencies consultative support and morality so FESU thrilled to see that her members from the entire Somalia Higher Educations Institutions who are participating global gatherings and training’s not only UNESCO created institutions but all INGOs for education development around the world events.

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