September 15, 2023: The Federation of African Universities (FAU) excited to announce her third face membership recruitment proficiency while it considers applications from all universities located in the African countries in particularly for those from the Black continent of African Union (AU) as well as the non-member territories of the United Nations including Somaliland and Zanzibar.

The Islamic University in Uganda                           Uganda

Benha University                                                      Egypt

Bosaso University                                                      Somalia

Umma University                                                       Kenya

Ain Shams University                                                  Egypt

Future University of Sudan                                      Sudan

Qudus University                                                         Somalia

University of Kwazulu Natal                               South-Africa

Baidoa University                                                        Somalia

Mansoura University                                                  Egypt

Where is Information About Accredited Institutions and Programs Available?

The Federation of African Universities (FAU) provides information to the public and about the higher education institutions and programs they have accredit and when those institutions and programs have been reviewed.

The Applicant universities need a letter of recommendation from the president of the collective full member in their country. If there is no national rectors’ conference or the national rectors’ conference is not a member of FAU, applicant universities need letters of recommendation from three FAU full members and from three different continents.

For a complete list of recognized and accrediting universities and their accredited institutions names or programs, you may also visit:

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