GUNED Announced Her Second Members Intake August, 2023

GUNED welcomes members from all over the world to have both positive and productive dialogue on all aspects of higher education institutions, including but not limited to research advancements, challenges, opportunities, and trends. The GUNED network is a community of education skill professionals dedicated to the improvement of the higher knowledge. There are many benefits to joining so we welcome other new upcoming members even the third intake term.

University of Basra

Amirkabir University of Technology

Al-Neelain University

Cyprus International University

University of Southern Somalia (USS)

Beirut Arab University

Western Colorado University

This second 2023 members intake is 7th member universities and mostly from Africa, Asia and Europe and America. GUNED will offer annually funded scholarships which are those that are funded each year by partners and members and alumni. To see the whole list please continue reading

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