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The Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU), created under the auspices of UN Strategic Joint for Educational Matters Development UNSJEDM)  in 2022, is a membership-based organisation serving the national higher education community through: expertise & trends analysis, publications & portals, advisory services, peer-to-peer learning, events as well as doing national, regional, continental and global level advocacy by developing Somalia higher education system after the collapse of the central government since 1990.

FESU offers three different membership categories and the possibility of “affiliate” status. These represent universities, national associations of rectors or other bodies active in higher education or research.

Applicant universities need a letter of recommendation from the president of the collective full member in their regional state. If there is no sub-national rectors’ conference or the national rectors’ conference as federal level is not a member of any edu-council protocol, applicant universities need letters of recommendation from three governmental institutions federally and sub-nationally.

Full membership is open to universities that satisfy fully all requirements of the FESU constitution. Full Members pay the membership affiliation fee applicable to the appropriate FESU grade.

Bay University of Somalia

Bay University was established on 5th May 2013 as a higher learning institution to foster academic excellence and nature talents. The aftermath of Somalia’s long running conflicts which lasted more than two decades have destroyed the country’s asset including education infrastructures throughout the country.

Capital University of Somalia

Capital University of Somalia is non-state, non-profit educational institution, supported by the Capital Company ltd” aimed to foster and develop knowledge through engagement of youth in education and research activities. After the collapse of Somali central government in 1991, the devastating effect of civil war making the country a failed state for more than two decades and the subsequent complete destruction of the educational system had led the idea to establish the Capital University on 14th May, 2013. This was on the grounds of long activity of a team of Somali professionals whose aim was to resurrect the educational institutions starting from establishing schools first in the past 10 years and now with the vision to fulfill the high school leaving students’ dream in getting a higher education.

Salaam University of Somalia

Salaam University (SU) is one of the most popular Private University which is non-profit academic institution in Somalia. It is situated on the center of the city Mogadishu, Hodan District with three campuses and founded in 2009 as a school of Medicine and Economic Management Sciences to help training local doctors, health workers, businessmen and administrators.

University of Southern Somalia (USS)

The University of Southern Somalia is a Not-For-Profit foundation university located in Baidoa, Southwest regional state of Somalia that is pioneering quality instruction, research, and service to society. As you will see in the pages to follow, USS is literally setting the gold standard for quality education in Somalia.

Daaru salaam University (DSU)

Daaru Salaam University places its position as beacon of academic excellence offering rationally thriving academic opportunities that foster progressive scholars. The University is dedicated to the advancement of higher education in the country and that of the horn of African region by instigating model, scholars in the region.

Africa Graduate University (AGU)

African Graduate University (AGU) Is one of the leading universities in Somalia by offering rationally thriving academic opportunities that foster progressive scholars. The University is dedicated to the advancement of higher education in the country.

The SY L University was started in 2016 by a group of patriotic academicians from Somalia who felt that there must be an immediate solution to revive the education system in Somalia. The University was started with the main objective of imparting the necessary knowledge and skills to learners. The University started operating officially in May 15th, 2016.

Green Hope University is a privately owned university with linkages within and outside the country and it is accredited and recognized by the ministry of Education; culture and higher education Somalia, The University was established in 2006 based on the community needs for higher education with high quality and is currently partnership with Kesmonds International University. The Green Hope University has now helped more than 3105 who graduated from the university and have been employed both in private and public institutions. The feedback that we have received as an university is that those that have been employed are performing well in their institutions which bring credibility for the University.

The Nile University of Science and Technology (NUST) was established in April 17, 2017 as a non-profit institution of highlight learning, The main campuses is Mogadishu and it has various campuses within the country including Beledweyne, Galkacayo, campuses, The main objective of Nile University is based on innovative quality instruction, research, and service to society. NUST is literally setting the gold standard for quality education in Somalia through research, innovation, practicum and provision of timely, situational and purposeful trainings. From the foundations program that teaches the language of instructions in a professional format, to the libraries and labs, the qualification of our instructors and cutting edge curricula, NUST has raised the bar for higher education in Somalia. Our facilities and equipment and our student centric pedagogy are making a tangible difference in the lives of many young people in Somalia.

SWED University Joined FESU Federation

SWED University Is one of the leading health and medical science universities in Somalia by offering rationally thriving academic opportunities that foster progressive scholars.

Super University

Super Universityof Somalia (SUS) is one of the leading universities in Somalia, in which places its position as beacon of academic excellence offering rationally thriving academic opportunities both online and schooling and that foster progressive scholars. It also dedicated to advancing the information and principles that all educated people hold dear. Excellence is fostered in teaching, research, extension, and student life. The university makes an effort to provide instruction, opportunities, and experiences that will enable students to think critically, learn to communicate effectively, distinguish between different values, and form pertinent judgments.

The University of Bosaso’s mission and vision is committed to the development of human skills throughout with affordable education for all, necessary for sustainable human livelihoods. The Institution recognizes the need for significant transfer of information technologies, researched works to rural and urban people who are under the umbrella of reconstructing the country. The Participatory Learning and Action approach into development of skills, help bridge the gap by equipping the local communities, organizations and individuals to address the problems identified. The institution works with the local community to improve quality, consistency of newly and unique existing programs, certified by International academic bodies. The curriculum contents of the University’s syllabus , reflects quality education offered in effort to bridge between the immediate basic needs and long term educational development. The strategy of providing educational opportunities for than 3000 adult students in Puntland has also attracted other stakeholders who affiliate with the institution as mentors, Universities like Kenyatta in Kenya who over the years have transformed thousands of candidates into professionals.

UOB is one of the leading higher education institutions settled faculty of health and medical science universitively in Somalia by offering rationally thriving academic opportunities that foster progressive scholars.

The Somali National University (SNU) was established in 1954 in the Trust Territory of Somalia. It obtained official university status in 1969. The main university grounds were situated about six kilometers from the city center. Here, during the institution’s first thirty years, the main campus was known as Jaamacada Gaheyr (“Gaheyr University”). In 1973, under the Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC), programs and facilities were expanded. The SNU developed over the next twenty years into an institution of higher learning, with 13 departments, 700 staff and over 15,000 students. Under the Somali revolutionary government, the Ministry of Higher Learning and Culture established research centers in a number of cities, with the goal of developing regional economies. These learning centers were earmarked for employees from such ministries as the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Ministry of Livestock and Forestry Management.

In the mid-1970s, the teaching college of Lafoole University, one of SNU’s remote campuses, was made a stand-alone institution (“Lafoole Teacher’s College”). The language of instruction was English. Due to extensive damage to its facilities as well as the difficulty of holding classes and acquiring books and other necessities in the wake of the civil war in the early 1990s, classes at the university were suspended.

All applications are first reviewed by the membership committee and then passed on to the FESU Council for a final decision.

For more detailed information on the application procedures, including application forms, please contact our dedicated email address fesu@fesu.so

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