The Federation of Somalia Universities (FESU) and her entire members from Somalia higher education institutions and practitioners are welcoming the University of Bosaso which is one of the leading higher education institutions exist in Puntland regional state of Somalia and developed imperative skills throughout with affordable education for all in the membership to the federation.

The University of Bosaso’s mission and vision is committed to the development of human skills throughout with affordable education for all, necessary for sustainable human livelihoods. The Institution recognizes the need for significant transfer of information technologies, researched works to rural and urban people who are under the umbrella of reconstructing the country. The Participatory Learning and Action approach into development of skills, help bridge the gap by equipping the local communities, organizations and individuals to address the problems identified.

The institution works with the local community to improve quality, consistency of newly and unique existing programs, certified by International academic bodies. The curriculum contents of the University’s syllabus , reflects quality education offered in effort to bridge between the immediate basic needs and long term educational development.

The strategy of providing educational opportunities for than 3000 adult students in Puntland has also attracted other stakeholders who affiliate with the institution as mentors, Universities like Kenyatta in Kenya who over the years have transformed thousands of candidates into professionals. The University’s immediate plans are to provide and expand its academic programs to meet the diverse academic needs of the community. This involves introduction of academic programs such as business related courses and journalism.

The University’s long term strategic plan is to expand and improve up to the international standards the existing bachelor’s degrees, introduce Masters Course and PhD alike. There are already set up course outlines under which such courses can be conducted.

UOB will also join the Federation of African Universities (FAU) and the Federation of Medical Schools and Students Institutions (FAMSSI) soon next weeks as FESU will setting-up and affirmed her membership inquiries and recommendations and other available obligation on table and to FAU and FAMSSI.

UOB ss one of the leading higher education institutions settled faculty of health and medical science universitively in Somalia by offering rationally thriving academic opportunities that foster progressive scholars.

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