Publication launch ‘Lifelong learning: an imperative for higher education’

On 5 June 2023, the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) and Shanghai Open University (SOU), in collaboration with the International Association of Universities, will host a webinar to launch two publications on the vital role of higher education institutions in lifelong learning. 

In the context of fast-paced technological developments, the climate crisis, persistent social inequalities, and demographic shifts, there is a critical need to rethink learning for people of all ages and transform education systems. With increasingly unpredictable labour markets, reskilling and upskilling throughout life become essential for people’s professional pathways. 

The first of the two publications to be launched presents the latest international trends of lifelong learning in higher education, based on a survey among almost 400 universities worldwide, while the second describes institutional practices in all regions of the world. 

The launch event will feature a presentation of the main findings of the publications, followed by insights from selected higher education institutions and reflections by representatives of regional university associations. The event aims to provide insight into the ways in which lifelong learning is integrated into the structures and practices of higher education, and to explore the role of higher education institutions in building the knowledge and skills needed to ensure healthy, prosperous and inclusive societies. 

We invite all interested stakeholders to attend this event! Registration is required, and attendance is free of charge. 


5 June 2023, 13:30–15:00h CEST 






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