The Horn of Africa Education Development Institute (HEDI) is the voice of education in Horn of Africa and has played a significant role in the education space for the past four years as a convener, knowledge creator, and is first and foremost a forum for policy dialogue. Established in 2019 as a framework for better coordination among development agencies, it has evolved into a pan-African institution built on a genuine partnership between African ministries of education and training and their technical and external partners.

Perhaps HEDI is a member of UNASO in which enables transformative change through educating and empowering the human capital needed to achieve ethical and effective development through UNESCO, WHED-global and WHED-Africa portal initiatives.

Obviously, the best educational skills, tips and techniques developed nations in the region are Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda.

The Horn of Africa has experienced many social, political and economic transformations since independence, resulting in military coups, inter-state and civil wars, revolutions, ethnic and religious disputes, and complex humanitarian crises, among others. Every country in the region has faced at least one civil war during the postcolonial era.

The new universities are Bay University in South-west regional state of Somalia and  Salaam University (SU) which is one of the most popular Private University which is non-profit academic institution in Somalia.

The report from UNASO provides evidence-based analysis of the situation of education in Somalia while putting into perspective needs for the Sustainable Development. Now is clear that UN focuses on the role of education in the social, economic and political development of African societies.

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