Mogadishu, (SONNA) – In June 18th – 20th 2013, Somalia held its first conference on education. The conference focused on establishing a governance system, increasing awareness of education, and outreach to youth engagement in the country. 10 years later, the Government of Somalia is proud to announce the accomplishment of key recommendations issued at that conference, including the establishment of a governance system through FGS-FMS Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The government also established an effective Education Management Information System (EMIS); successfully developed and implemented a unified national curriculum and conducted national exams for the last eight years.

After a decade of hard work, the time has come to thoroughly examine the status of education in Somalia. Hence, the Government of Somalia will be conducting a National Education Conference on March 13th – 17th 2023. The conference aims to seek practical ideas and recommendations that envisage organized, accessible, quality, and inclusive education anchored in national needs, values, and aspirations.

The objectives of the conference are: (1) to agree upon the aims, goals, and outcomes of national education; (2) to initiate ideas about expanding access and improving the quality of education; (3) to explore a governance system that can provide effective management of the education sector; and (4) to present innovative and visionary ideas that address the existing challenges. The conference will bring together about 250 participants, including high-level government officials, scholars, education practitioners, the private sector, civil society, and international partners.

We expect the conference to inculcate a spirit of collaboration that fosters an inclusive vision and strategies that will guide the education system in Somalia for years to come.

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